Gracie Francesca

By Sam Moir. LAST UPDATED October 22nd, 2014

My Style: Gracie Francesca

Blogger Gracie Francesca talks us through her tastes



Gracie Francesca is a 24-year-old fashion and beauty blogger from London. She is best known for documenting her fashion adventures on her uglyfaceofbeauty YouTube channel where she has amassed over 170,000 subscribers.

Her fashion videos range from advice on dressing for nights out, cookbooks and health tips. Grace’s influence in the blogoshpere was recently acknowledged when she was voted Next Newcomer at this year’s Cosmopolitan Blog Awards. Grace talks us through her style choices.

What is the first piece of clothing you bought? I’ve been a shopaholic for as long as I can remember so I’m not actually sure. It was probably a pair of Nike hi tops as I was obsessed with dancing when I was younger.

Do you own any hats? I own a few. My favourite is my black trilby hat. I wear it on bad hair days or days where I don’t like my hair. That’s the only story I have.


London based fashion and beauty blogger Grace Francesca


What’s your favourite pair of sunglasses? My Ray-Ban mirrored club masters. They are just so chic and I love the gold detail.

What’s the first handbag you bought? I was really into Primark handbags when I was younger. I bought a black tote work gold detailing. Forever on trend.

Are you a watch woman? Not really. I’ve never found a watch I love enough to wear all the time.

What’s the best coat you own? I’m little obsessed with my checked print monochrome coat from Daisy Street. It’s stunning and goes with most things in my wardrobe.

What’s your favourite perfume? Alien by Thierry Muglar – the perfect scent ever! Simply gorgeous.

Are you a boots or shoes woman, and why? I’m just an everything girl. I love pointy flats, high heels, chunky black boots and even trainers.

What’s your most treasured clothing possession? For my 21st my auntie bought me a YSL arty ring and I absolutely love it. It’s really precious.

Have you ever designed or customised any of your clothes before? No. I wouldn’t know where to start. My dream is to have my own clothing line though. I have all the ideas – I just can’t draw.

If you could own one piece of clothing, what would it be? A Celinè phantom bag. That’s what dreams are made of.