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By JD Sports. LAST UPDATED September 29th, 2016

The NMD: adidas Originals’ Runaway Success

Taking the sneaker world by storm, we delve into the NMD's massive popularity.


2016’s big sneaker story has got to be the dominance of adidas Originals’ NMD. Everyone from seasoned trainer fans to casual crep-wearers have been going crazy for adi’s tech trainer. They come and go in the blink of an eye, but it seems like every second set of feet on the street is rocking a pair.

With JD set to release a fresh batch of NMDs on Saturday, and three new women’s pairs hitting the site on Friday, there’s never been a better time to get in on the hype, but just why is the shoe such a hit right now?

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Obviously, one of the NMD’s biggest features is the fact that it’s packed with tech. Lifted from adi’s more serious track trainer, the Ultra Boost, their boost technology works like this: rather than a typical EVA midsole, the NMD’s footbed is made up of supremely springy TPU “nuggets”.

So when you step out, the TPU material works to absorb the impact of your foot, and instantly bounces back into shape. This uses less of the foot’s energy, so the ride stays smoother for longer. The comfort that the NMD offers up is surely making it a hit with people who want to keep their feet feeling fresh every time they hit the streets.

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On top of that, you have a mesh upper that stretches and flexes with the shape of your foot for unmatched comfort while keeping the weight low. The new version of the shoe dropping in October goes one better, with Cordura nylon upper. Still stretchy, but the hard-wearing, protective design makes it a must going into the colder, wetter months.

But all that aside, the strength of the NMD lies in the fact they look like they don’t feature any tech. At first glance, it’s a low-profile sneak that’s streamlined and minimalist. In fact, those distinct midsole blocks are probably the first thing you notice. As we’ve seen with Nike’s Roshe, people are all about simplicity these days and the NMD’s uncomplicated design goes a long way to explain its current popularity.

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And though it’s spliced from such archival icons as the Boston Super, Micro Pacer, and Rising Star, adi’s trainer is no retro throwback: the NMD stands on its own as an individual icon. When it comes down to it, the design is what trainer fans gravitate to and adi’s new kid on the block is all about standing out, wherever it’s worn.

Be sure to hit up JD when the latest NMD trainers land on Friday and Saturday.