By Guest Writer. LAST UPDATED February 9th, 2016

6 tips for healthy pancakes

Plenty of fruit and whole-wheat flour



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Pancake day is upon us! People all over the country have stocked up on flour, fruit and nuts ready to cook up a treat in the kitchen tonight. But what about if you’re trying to stay fit and healthy, yet still want to enjoy a little treat later. Read on below for some tips on how to make healthy pancakes.


Add fruits and nuts

Blueberries, raspberries and toasted nuts are just three of the go-to fruit and nut options used when making pancakes. The berries are full of fibre and cancer-preventing anthocyanins while the nuts add healthy fats.

Change your cooking oil

Speaking of fats – avoid using butter. There are plenty of options from cooking spray, which is usually very low in calories, to the vogue options of avocado and coconut oil. These healthy fats not only make the pancakes super tasty but also provide a huge benefit to the body.

Watch your sugar

We might be stating the obvious here but it’s easy to fall into the old trappings of processed sugars. Always choose natural alternatives: syrups sweeten while fresh fruits add natural flavour and is much healthier than sugar.

Full of fibre

Whole-wheat flour is king when it comes to fibre. A cup of whole-wheat has more than five-times the amount of fibre than white flour. But it may come as an acquired taste at first so feel free to start using half of each, gradually moving to whole-wheat only.

Whole-wheat flour but not whole milk

Go for skim milk or nearly fat-free buttermilk. Using whole milk will only add unneeded calories. Almond milk, light coconut milk and rice milk are also good alternatives. If you do miss the taste of whole then melt just a tiny bit of butter on top.

Or canola oil instead

We all know butter, as tasty as it is, is high in saturated fat (the bad kind). Use canola oil and, if you’re following the above steps – using buttermilk and whole-wheat flour – these super healthy ingredients will compensate the taste.