22nd European Athletics Championships - Day Five

By Sam Moir. LAST UPDATED March 14th, 2016

Lynsey Sharp: The Indoors are a step to Rio – there’s a lot to learn

Athlete talks Nike Lunar Epic and track plans



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Lynsey Sharp flew into Berlin on a mild Wednesday evening and no sooner had she landed, the Scot had agreed to a 7am run on the streets of the German capital with Paula Radcliffe.


Twelve hours later she’s with the women’s marathon world record holder again, this time sharing a podium alongside Phil McCartney, Nike’s VP of sport performance.

“The Lunar Epic was very comfortable to run in,” she says, when asked for her thoughts on the new running shoe, “You feel that you are using the whole of your foot which is something that I’ve been working on in training.”

She’s talking about the Lunar Epic, a trainer full of innovation that was launched in March. Support-boosting technologies Flyknit and Flywire have been fused with a motion fit collar, first seen on the Magista and Mercurial football boots for the World Cup in 2014.


“It feels like the shoe is an extension of your leg rather than something which you’re adding to your body. It’s not interrupting that natural movement of running.”

But one key development stood out for the 25-year-old. The new Lunarlon midsole.

“The Lunarlon tech felt pretty different to any running show that I’ve worn before and I like that feeling of rolling through onto your front foot.”

The design team back at Nike’s Portland headquarters will rejoice when they read those words. They spent nearly two years working on the development of a softer injected Phylon, known as iP, for the midsole.


Then there’s the use of articulated laser-siping, something – due to technology advances – Nike have only been able to do now.

There’s 10 different sipes, five on both the medial and lateral sides and another five pistons underfoot from the toe to heel offering enhanced cushioning.

“It’s different to everything I’ve trained in before but I have used the Lunar racer a lot and that’s the shoe I probably compare it to the most,” she says.

The former European champion has just touched down in Portland for the IAAF world Indoor Championships, starting on Thursday.


She’s been training in the Lunar Epic for shorter or faster races – perfect for the tilt at an 800 metres medal then. But it will be in unfamiliar surroundings as she’s run only twice indoors in seven years before this season.

“I’ve not really done an indoor season before so I’m learning new things – it’s completely different to outdoors.”

We all know what the end goal is.

“It’s more of a step to Rio,” she says, “Rio is the biggest day in the year but there’s a lot I can learn before then. That’s what the Indoors are for.”

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