By Cristiana Frunză. LAST UPDATED September 5th, 2016

Drake releases Child’s Play video

Drake dropped another video for one of the Views tracks



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After releasing Views on 29 April and having One Dance as a Billboard no.1 single for weeks, Drake dropped the video for Child’s Play this weekend. The short film was directed by Drake and Carlos “Spiff TV” Sanchez in which Tyra Banks joined and starred as Drake’s girlfriend.

The video starts with Drake returning from the toilet at The Cheesecake Factory and sitting at the table with Tyra Banks. The couple then argue before Drake says the famous opening line, “Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake?” after which the song starts playing.

For the first few minutes the short film shows Drake alone at the table, with cheesecake spread all over his face by Tyra, looking and singing at the camera. The images then dwell into the scenes of a strip club in Houston.

Along with Tyra Banks, OB O’Brien is making an appearance in the video too.

As unexpected as the Child’s Play video was, Drake has a few more surprises planned. Last week people were invited to attend The Ballet, a new dance event, while Drizzy will release short film titled Please Forgive Me, in which tracks from Views are included. The film drops on 30 September.